Team Herbalife

Team Herbalife was formed in 2007 with just 7 triathletes, which has now grown into a strong team of 13 triathletes which are all based in the Philippines.

–Lezette Albarote

–Madel Argosino

–Jayline Balatibat

–Zoe Banzon

–Carlo Chiong

–Jozim Eugenio

–Zyro Manzanilla

–Ronald Molit

–Laarni Paredes

–Omar Paredes

–Edrickson Ravalo

–Hiroshi Takei

–Julian Valencia

Numerous Ironman finishes, team awards and individual podium finishes in various local and international triathlon events, has made the team earn its reputation as one of the top triathlon teams here in the Philippines.

Triathlon, determination and Herbalife Nutrition binds them together as a team which contributes to the strength and prestige Team Herbalife proudly upholds.

Herbalife is a Proud Member of the Direct Selling Association and a Signatory to the DSA Code of Ethics

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